About Us


Endurance and perseverance are not only Endura Flora’s beliefs, but also our philosophy. At Endura Flora, our product's ability to retain its lasting beauty reflect the depth of people love and appreciation of life and each other. It shows how far, in today’s modern lifestyle, we still willing to stay the course and progress forward. We believe our customers, like our products, demonstrate staying power to be in good health and shape in order to endure new emerging challenges. Which is why, our brand name was chosen as 'Endura'.

Our Product

Our preserved roses have a lifespan of at least 12 months and more, provided they are not exposed to direct sunlight or excessive moisture. They do not require any maintenance! Our roses retain the same texture and flexibility as a fresh rose! These beautiful roses come in natural shades and many vibrant varieties. The more tender care our preserved flowers receive, the longer they endure. Remember the following important points:

* DO NOT water. They do not need water. Water will damage them.
* Heat and humidity are not recommended.
* Keep away from direct sunlight.
* Should not be kept in areas with extreme temperatures.

Our flowers like cool and airy spaces. We have experienced flowers lasting longer than 12 months. Please note, all products are made with natural materials, so the color and size may vary slightly.